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The Process

Step 1: Prior to the Intake Interview

You must provide a copy of the following documents:

- Court order

- Current photograph of child(ren)

- Driver’s license

- Car insurance - if transporting the child(ren)

Step 2: Schedule an Intake Interview

The interview must be conducted in-person with each parent individually before your first visit. During the interview, we will go over the following:

- Complete the Agreement for Services form

- Complete the Emergency Medical Release (Custodial Parent) form

- Complete the Do’s and Don’ts form

- Review the fees and method of payment

- Set up a visitation schedule based upon your court order

Step 3: During the Visits

A written record for each case will be maintained, including, but not limited to the following:

- The date, time and duration of the visit

- How the visit begins and ends

- Each activity performed

- All parent-child contact

- Any corrections or redirection given to the non-custodial parent by the supervised visitation monitor

- Whether or not the visit was terminated and details of the termination

- Drop-off/Pickup details

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